Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fox Tails - Trash or Luxury ?

Hey Dolls,

It was Spring of 2010 when I first began to see these little rascals pop up on celebrities and fashionistas around the world. Fox Tails were slowly on the rise in places like New York City, Los Angeles, and even Tokyo! Seen on celebrities such as : Chris Brown, Victoria Beckham, Kanye West, and Miley Cyrus; these key chains are indeed scurrying their way to popularity this year.

Varying in colour and size - most of these keychains can be easily clipped unto just about anything, including bags, clutches, jeans, belts etc. Ranging anywhere between $45 to $1200, Fox Tails can be found in boutiques as well as luxury stores. You can choose between authentic Fox Tails or faux Foxtails based on personal preference. Louis Vuitton, Dolls Kill, and [now] Aldo offer different qualities of this furry accessory.

Dress it up or dress it down; show your street style or your couture sophistication. The possibilities are rather endless.

^^^ This look is my favourite ! ^^^^

Fox Tails can also be worn as scarves !

I still don't know how to feel about this bizarre Fox Tail trend... What do you dolls think ? Trash or Luxury ? Let me know your thoughts...




  1. OMG. I just keep asking myself...what's the point? But I guess its up to you really...When clipping wings to your back becomes haute couture, lemme know.