Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All About Dress Shoes

Hey Gents,
The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it's almost time to party ! Just in case you are in need of the perfect dress shoes to complete those holiday party looks - here's a bit of help. Below are some options, including the brand, style, and price (to make it easier for you). Also, each brand's official website is listed at the end of the post. Hope you find something that you like; Happy shopping !

Aldo Hissom $59.98

Steve Madden Rynk $89.95

Giorgio Armani Loafer $650

Aldo Mangold $100

Steve Madden Rannk $89.95

Christian Louboutin Platers $1995

Aldo Rickley $100

Steve Madden Kyng $79.95

Calvin Klein Scott $130

Aldo Robbert $69.98

Steve Madden Katts $89.95

Clark's Goya $109

Aldo Tilgham $80

Steve Madden Kanon $89.95

Christian Louboutin John John $895

Steve Madden Carvor $89.95

Jimmy Choo Sloane $595

List of official sites:
Calvin Klein
Christian Louboutin
Giorgio Armani
Jimmy Choo
Steve Madden


Images via the official website of each brand respectively.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Shoe Porn : Keith Haring by Nicholas Kirkwood

Hey Dolls,

Stumbled upon this creative collection by Keith Haring for Nicholas Kirkwood recently. It's amazing to see how amazing a little imagination can be, especially when it comes to shoes (shoe fanatic) ! lol Sometimes, it's better to think like there is no box - that's exactly what Keith Haring did with this charismatic collection. His use of various shapes, colours, and textures are found to be pleasantly innovative. Trash or luxury ? You be the judge; check out some pics of a few select designs. 


Images via

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fashionably Preggers !

Hey Dolls and Gents,

It is no secret that some women find it difficult to be fabulously fashionable when with-child. Whether it's a stranger, someone you know personally, or even you - it seems like everywhere you turn, someone is pregnant lol. Pregnancy is notorious for discouraging the expression of style, which should NEVER be the case. Every woman should be able to feel chic regardless of circumstances, such as pregnancy. With that being said, a few pieces have been selected to show that being pregnant doesn't mean dressing in a homely manner. Hopefully, this will offer some inspiration to a mom-to-be; or provide a few gift ideas to the rest of you, since the holiday season is fast approaching. 
Remember to leave a comment at the end of the post if you would like to see fully styled maternity outfits.

Versace for H&M Beaded Silk Dress - $199 USD

H&M Sweater - $14.95 USD

GAP Skinny Corduroy Pants - $69.95 USD

Victoria's Secret Double-Breasted Tab Coat - $109 USD

Top Shop Pencil Shift Dress - $95 USD

Dorthy Perkins Maternity Sequin Top - $39 USD

H&M Mama Jeans - $34.95 USD

Top Shop Maternity Animal Tee - $68 USD

H&M Mama Coat - $79.95 USD

Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Sweater - $59.50 USD

Pining Party Dress - $74.99 USD

Victoria's Secret Cowl Neck Sweater - $69.50 USD


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black & Gold Timepiece Capsule Collection

Hey Dolls n Gents,

G-Shock by Casio introduced a sleek series that shows that style and toughness can indeed go hand in hand. The Black & Gold Timepiece Capsule Collection was released in June of this year (2011). Although the collection consists of four pieces, the focus is on the two that are more fashion-forward styles. The GD100GB and GA110GB both have a glossy black finish and gold metallic dials. Not only are these watches highly attractive, but they are also fashionably practical. 

The designers at G-Shock remained true to their signature look by maintaining the oversized case design, while modifying the interior layout to create a more refined charm. Both models feature reverse LCD displays, shock resistance, water resistance,magnetic resistance, and a bunch more. Enough of the chatting - check out the pics !

G-Shock GD100GB - $120 USD

These watches are quite unique when compared to other 'luxury 'watches to date. Combining fashion, affordability, and toughness was ingenious - any watch fiend would be happy to own either (if not both) of these sophisticated watches. Which model is your favourite ?

G-Shock GA110GB - $150 USD

G-Shock watches are available at Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and other fashion shops/boutiques. They can also be found on the official G-Shock website.


Images via

Sunday, November 13, 2011

D Squared² Women's SS2012 Top Picks

Hey Dolls,

These are Sassy's favourite looks from the two D Squared runway shows during Milan Fashion Week 2011. 

Mixing pieces with different tones always makes for a unique, and interesting look !

This 'borrowed from the boys' look is very much on trend right now; layering basic pieces you already own is a great way to achieve a similar outfit.

Whoever said you can't rock a swimsuit apart from the beach/pool ? Layering this swimsuit with jackets, a shirt, and a belt transformed the entire vibe. Not saying it's ready-to-wear, but it is undoubtedly stylish !

Chic and colourful. Love it !


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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To : Shop Versace For H&M [+ Style Treat]

Hey Dolls and Gents,

Last month, All Dolled Up gave you the scoop on the upcoming Versace for H&M collection. Well, November is finally here, and the launch date is only eight/ten days away (depending on your location) !!! November 19th is fast approaching and it's time to strategize exactly how you're gonna get your hands on the pieces you have been eyeing for so long. Enough talking; here is a short list of steps you can take to improve your chances of obtaining the pieces you desire - Yes, it's that serious ! lol

How to shop Versace For H&M:

  • Call local stores well in advance to find out if they will carry the collection;
  • Find out if it is possible to place items on hold;
  • Try to be at the store location at least 30 mins (15-20 if not free-standing H&M store) before the store opens on the day of;
  • Make a list (image-based is always better) for greater organisation;
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to ensure free movement;
  • Take a friend - having someone to secure an item across the floor while you are grabbing something else is extremely beneficial !
  • If shopping via web, check frequently starting at least an hour before the scheduled time to avoid system crashes and items being sold out. (the 'refresh' button is your bff)

Now that you've got the strategy down cold, it's time for a little treat ! Here's a look featuring a few pieces from the upcoming Versace for H&M collection - all styling done by Sassy. Enjoy! 

Spike Ring - Mawi
Triangle Ring - House of Harlow
Earrings - Coco Chanel
Bracelet - Versace for H&M
Clutch - Emily Cho
Shoes - Finsk
Jacket - Versace for H&M
Dress - Versace for H&M

Leave a comment below if you like the look and/or would like to see more outfits (not limited to Versace for H&M) styled by Sassy.