Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To : Shop Versace For H&M [+ Style Treat]

Hey Dolls and Gents,

Last month, All Dolled Up gave you the scoop on the upcoming Versace for H&M collection. Well, November is finally here, and the launch date is only eight/ten days away (depending on your location) !!! November 19th is fast approaching and it's time to strategize exactly how you're gonna get your hands on the pieces you have been eyeing for so long. Enough talking; here is a short list of steps you can take to improve your chances of obtaining the pieces you desire - Yes, it's that serious ! lol

How to shop Versace For H&M:

  • Call local stores well in advance to find out if they will carry the collection;
  • Find out if it is possible to place items on hold;
  • Try to be at the store location at least 30 mins (15-20 if not free-standing H&M store) before the store opens on the day of;
  • Make a list (image-based is always better) for greater organisation;
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to ensure free movement;
  • Take a friend - having someone to secure an item across the floor while you are grabbing something else is extremely beneficial !
  • If shopping via web, check frequently starting at least an hour before the scheduled time to avoid system crashes and items being sold out. (the 'refresh' button is your bff)

Now that you've got the strategy down cold, it's time for a little treat ! Here's a look featuring a few pieces from the upcoming Versace for H&M collection - all styling done by Sassy. Enjoy! 

Spike Ring - Mawi
Triangle Ring - House of Harlow
Earrings - Coco Chanel
Bracelet - Versace for H&M
Clutch - Emily Cho
Shoes - Finsk
Jacket - Versace for H&M
Dress - Versace for H&M

Leave a comment below if you like the look and/or would like to see more outfits (not limited to Versace for H&M) styled by Sassy.


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