Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black & Gold Timepiece Capsule Collection

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G-Shock by Casio introduced a sleek series that shows that style and toughness can indeed go hand in hand. The Black & Gold Timepiece Capsule Collection was released in June of this year (2011). Although the collection consists of four pieces, the focus is on the two that are more fashion-forward styles. The GD100GB and GA110GB both have a glossy black finish and gold metallic dials. Not only are these watches highly attractive, but they are also fashionably practical. 

The designers at G-Shock remained true to their signature look by maintaining the oversized case design, while modifying the interior layout to create a more refined charm. Both models feature reverse LCD displays, shock resistance, water resistance,magnetic resistance, and a bunch more. Enough of the chatting - check out the pics !

G-Shock GD100GB - $120 USD

These watches are quite unique when compared to other 'luxury 'watches to date. Combining fashion, affordability, and toughness was ingenious - any watch fiend would be happy to own either (if not both) of these sophisticated watches. Which model is your favourite ?

G-Shock GA110GB - $150 USD

G-Shock watches are available at Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and other fashion shops/boutiques. They can also be found on the official G-Shock website.


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