Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sassy's Closet ♥ ~ 1st BLOG SALE !!!

Hey Guys and Dolls !

There are so many clothes hanging in Sassy's Closet that are either NEW or only been worn ONCE! Do you know what that means ??? YEP, you guessed it ! It's time for these pieces to go to a better home! 

Sale Details/RULES (Please Read):

♥ This sale is open to US readers only. 

♥ Items will be sold on a first come first served basis.

♥ Payments will be made through Paypal.

♥ Payments must be made within 24 hours of payment request receipt; otherwise the item/s will be sold to the next person in line.

♥ All sales are final. No returns. No refunds.


♥ All items will be shipped in padded envelopes or the appropriate size box via USPS Priority Mail.

♥ Shipping costs will be determined by where you live ($5 - $10).

♥  Sassy is not responsible for lost, damaged, nor missing items. 

♥ If you have any questions, please leave a comment below this post.

♥ To place an order, email the name of the item/s of interest, your state, and zipcode to; a payment request will then be sent to you. 

Ready to shop ?!?!?!? Hope you like the pieces =) Happy Shopping !

xoxo, Sassy

 White Faux Fur Vest by H&M (Worn once for a photoshoot); Size - M  * $35 *

NEW WOT Black & White Cheetah Mini Dress by F21; Size - M  * $10 *

 NEW WOT Yellow Blouse by Cocoa Love; Size - M  * $30 *

 B&W Striped Bodycon Skirt by F21 (Worn once); Size - M  * $10 *

NEW WOT Dirty Rose Boutique Blazer; Size - S  * $35 *

 NEW WT Black & White Blouse by Cecico Collection; Size - L  * $27 *

 NEW WT Camouflage Blazer by Rothco; Size - L  * 35 *

 NEW WOT Chestnut Turban Hat by ASOS  * $17 *

 NEW WOT Black Turban Hat by ASOS  * $17 *

 NEW WT Cream Babydoll Dress by H&M(Denmark); Size - M (Fits like a L)  * $26 *

 NEW WOT Boutique Light Pink Cropped Jacket; Size - S  * $35 *

NEW WOT Brown Tribal Jumpsuit by Poetry; Size - M  * $30 *

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