Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rising Hatian Fashion Designer - An Interview With Charles C. Dieujuste

A passionate lover of art - Charles Corvsky Dieujuste possesses the exceptional talent of translating his vision of what a classy woman should be into, chic, timeless designs. Gradually making his mark in the fashion industry, Charles continues to wow everyone who gets the chance to behold his amazing vision and refined pieces. Luckily, he was kind enough to spare some time for a little chit chat about himself, as well as his brand. Keep reading for the 4-1-1 on the man behind 'Charles Corvsky Dieujuste Signature Label'.

Who is Charles Dieujuste , what is your background?
"Charles C Dieujuste is a Haitian born fashion designer currently residing in New York City."

Why did you become a Fashion Designer ?  

"I became a fashion designer because fashion design found me. It all started when I was in Haiti in art class. I remember like it was yesterday the excitement of holding a crayon or two. One day my mother asked me " What would you like to do when you grow up?". I responded "I'm an artist". She responded by saying "WHAT !!!". I replied with "yes"; and she said "No become a doctor, lawyer, not an artist because you will suffer". What an image to leave on a child's mind. However, I am grateful to her for wanting me to be an important asset to society."

What does fashion mean to you ?
"To me fashion is an expression of dressing. In other words you are what you wear and that is how people perceive you to be."

Did you obtain education in Fashion Designing ? 
"In terms of education, I took several courses in Fashion Design. Also, a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. I never finished design school because of the direction I wanted to take my career in and because of the economy. Some members of my family knew the art of garment making so I was exposed to that. I went and took some courses as a refresher. The reason for me bringing my brand [into existence] is because the major fashion brands were offering other avenues that I couldn't commit to. One day after an interview with a brand the light-bulb stroked and I knew I had a point of view to bring forth for all women. That day sparked my design to push CCDSLWomen (The Charles C Dieujuste Signature Label)."

Which decade/era in fashion is your favorite and why ?
"The 50's -
Because the women were glamorous, their garments were well-tailored, and they used vibrant colors and textures."

What was the first article of clothing you ever designed ?
"The first piece I designed was a sheath dress. Because, the pattern was simple and basic."

What is the name of your Spring/Summer 2012 Collection?
"The Journey Of The Simplistic Woman"

What were your sources of inspiration throughout the creation process ?
"My inspiration was conjured from the idea of creating the perfect wardrobe for an uptown starlet. My goal was to solely create simple silhouettes and the styling was left to her own personal touch."

Where can readers purchase your pieces ?
"Pieces can be purchased exclusively at my online store - www.charlescdieujuste.com/store "

How would you describe CCDSL’s signature style ? 
"Simple and vibrant silhouettes for the modern woman."

What is the best part of being a designer ?  
"The best part artistically is taking a vision, putting it on paper, and then creating it into a garment. That to me is the best part of being a fashion designer."

If you could give only one piece of advice to an aspiring Fashion Designer, what would it be ?
"For any aspiring designer I would say follow whatever your heart desires. With your vision, make business decisions that are going to benefit the goals of your brand."

Click here to view CCDSL's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection in it's entirety. You can also gain a lot more information about Charles Corvsky Dieujuste Signature Label via the official website : http://www.charlescdieujuste.com . Last but not least, find the links to CCDSL's twitter and facebook pages below:
CCDSL Official Twitter Page
CCDSL Official Facebook Page

All Dolled Up sincerely thanks Mr.Dieujuste for this exclusive interview, and cannot wait to see the grandeur that CCDSL will bestow upon the fashion realm in the future !

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