Sunday, August 21, 2011

**REVIEW** ~ Sigma Flat-Top Kabuki (SS197/F80)

Hey Dolls!!!

Today I am just going to give you guys a brief review on THE most awesome foundation brush EVER - yep you guessed it the Sigma SS197/F80 brush. Now, the reason for mentioning two different names for this brush is because, Sigma Makeup originally had a 'SS' naming system for all of their brushes; however, they changed their naming system a few months back. So essentially, I just want to make sure that all my readers are on the same page.
With that being said, I'mma jump right in there! So I bought this brush back in February/April of 2009 when it first came out, but only began using it in July 2010. With that being said, it is apparent that I've had PLENTY of time to really get a feel for the F80. This brush is described on Sigma's website as a 'synthetic flat-top kabuki' - which is pretty self-explanatory. They introduced the brush claiming that it is an exceptionally good brush for applying, as well as buffing in liquid foundation. Well... LET ME TELL YOU -they were NOT lying!! lol This brush is definitely amazing !
The SS197/F80 is very affordable, and retails for $16 USD. l think that this brush is quite high in quality and is indeed MAC-comparable.  The bristles/hairs are ridiculously soft! I'm not even kidding, it's bristles are soo soft and smooth you'll want to rub it on your face for just for the comfort of it lol. I haven't experienced any shedding with this brush either, which is a major plus for me since I sincerely despise that!
This flat-top kabuki brush blends liquid foundation like no other brush I've ever experienced! The end results are definitely, flawless, yet natural at the same time. I must say that it is one of my favourite brushes and I loved it soo much that I now have three back-ups (I'm a make-up junkie) .
I would also like to mention that though this is uber awesome for liquid foundation, it is definitely a versatile brush. Sometimes I use it to apply my MAC Mineralized Skin-Finish which is a powder, and it works very well with that product as well. I also tried using the side of the top of the brush  (if that makes sense) to apply contour products and it worked fairly decent as well. I think it is a staple to any makeup user, being that your face is your canvas and the foundation is the most important part!
So overall, I think that this brush is an awesome product. I am extremely happy with my purchase. It is well-designed and I love, love, LOVE it! Hope you all enjoyed this post !
P.S ::: Here's the link to their website if you dolls want to check it out for yourselves :



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